The beautiful city of Riga, Latvia

Are you considering adopting a child? Or thinking about adopting from Latvia?

I am working on developing this blog as a resource that will help you. If you have read Family Hope Love for a while, you may know that we tried to adopt a beautiful little girl from Latvia in 2012. This experience has given us a heart for Latvian orphans and a passion to advcoate for these children to find families.

Here are a few links to get started.

I think Latvia has one of the best international adoption programs in the world. Want to learn why?


A Simple Guide to Traveling for Adoption in Latvia

We loved spending three weeks in Riga, the capitol city of Latvia. I am going to write a series of posts about the practical things you need to know to adopt from Latvia. Everything in italics is coming soon.

  • Shopping in Riga
  • How to get to Latvia
  • Where to stay in Riga
  • Getting around
  • Latvian food
  • Shopping for food in Riga
  • Dining out in Riga

What is Family Hope Love all about?

  • Family Hope Love – This page is all about my story and why I write this blog

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